8th Grade…It’s Time to Select Band!

Hi 8th Grade band students and parents,

It’s time! Time to pick The Pride of the Park on your course selection guide!!!

You have recently received your course selection guide for the 2021-2022 school year.  You also received lots of very important information from our counseling department. It is time to begin the process of selecting courses for your time at Spain Park!

When it comes signing up for band, you will find it listed under “OTHER REQUIRED COURSES….Physical Education.” Select Marching Band.  I’ve included a picture of a completed form below (a picture is worth 1,000 words).

You may still have questions about being in the band.  Questions like…

Can I do Band and Sports? You bet! We have players on SP’s football, cheer, swimming, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, baseball, soccer, bowling and softball teams! Football, Cheer, Swimming and Volleyball players take Band as their Fine Arts Elective and participate in concert and parade bands – NOT marching band.  All the others athletes participate in both marching and concert band! All SP athletes should select “Marching Band” on their Selection Form. You will also select “Athletic Beginning Kinesiology” and list your SP Sport. YOU WILL HAVE MARKED TWO COURSES UNDER Physical Education! I’ll include a picture of your form below, too.

Can I do Band and AP Courses, Academies and RC-3? Of course! We have Band students in every Academy offered at SP.  Over 20 students participate in the band and study at RC3.  There is not a single AP course offered at SP that is not filled with Band Students! Select “Marching Band” on your Selection Form.

Can I become the Valedictorian as a member of the Band? You better believe it!  The BEST kids are BAND kids.  We have multiple Band kids graduate as Valedictorian every school year.  We have even more Honor Graduates each year; and the Class of 2021 is set to add to those numbers in a BIG way! The best colleges LOVE to see students that are PASSIONATE about music-making.  It sets you APART from other students around the nation.  Select “Marching Band” on your Selection Form.

Do you still have questions?  You can email me at cneugent@hoover.k12.al.us or call my office at 439-1428.  I’m happy to help you get signed up!