eNote – August 21, 2019

August 21, 2019

I LOVE Friday Night Lights! Time for all the hard work to be put on display!!!  Lots of important information below. Please take time to read it carefully.

Friday’s game is AWAY (Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa).  We will feed students before game (Zaxby’s) and after the game (Jason’s Deli).  Help students to remember appropriate under-uniform attire (Instrumentalists-athletic shorts, t-shirt, LONG BLACK SOCKS).

REMINDER!!!! We rehearse again on Monday of next week our second of only 4 Monday practices this season!).  It is so important that everyone attend our after-school rehearsals.  The students meet separately in 5 different classes during the school day, making after-school rehearsals our only opportunity to combine forces!  We had WONDERFUL rehearsals this week with EXCELLENT attendance. Keep it up!!!!

I still need 5 equipment loaders for this Friday night.  Please sign up here…(SIGN UP TO LOAD!)


I’ve posted the Sign-Up Genius on our website >>>CLICK HERE<<<

We need your help in many ways!

  • Remember that every family is required to serve two shifts in the concessions stand to meet your volunteer obligation. There are opportunities on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Friday throughout the season.  We can accommodate your busy schedule!
  • We also have opportunities to assist with Uniform Washing, Hospitality and Chaperone/Pit Crew!
  • Sparks In the Park Volunteer Sign Up will go live soon!


FAIR SHARE FEE Here is a friendly reminder that your Band Booster Fair Share Fee is past due.  You can pay this fee online at myschoolfees.com


UNIFORMS (Elaine Ake: 205-585-7548 | perakefam@gmail.com)


Getting Ready for the Game  

1) Any student that needed their uniform fixed should see Mrs. Ake before Friday.

2) For the Game:  All Instrumental students need to wear a t-shirt, black long socks and Athletic shorts.  These should be brought home after the game.

3) Parents, if you are able to help this week there are a number of small tasks to finish before Friday. Evenings are okay!  Contact Elaine directly at perakefam@gmail.com

4) We need volunteers on Friday while the students are getting dressed. Just show up!

FUNDRAISING (Todd Miranda: 205-202-0698 | spbandfr@gmail.com)

Our first fundraiser will begin on September 3.  We will be selling bed sheets, pillow cases, and pillows.  I will send out more details next week and then follow up with the information again the week of the campaign. Please begin thinking about whether you want to participate and who you might target for selling. I look forward to working with you all in our fundraising efforts this year.  As always, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to me using the information below:

SPARKS IN THE PARK (Chad and Ginger Hewitt: 205-587-4276)

Be sure to check the signups for opportunities with Sparks 2019. We need a few more good people for leadership positions. Also, we need everyone to plug in and plan to help out in some way. Thank you!

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