eNote – February 5, 2021



February 5, 2021


Good afternoon, POTP!

We have updated the WEEKLY SCHEDULE and online calendar for the next two weeks.

  • We will pick after-school rehearsals back up on February 8 and 9.
  • The Jazz Band is going to meet this upcoming Wednesday from 12-2 pm.

We are excited to welcome everyone back to campus on next Thursday.  Friendly reminder, participation in our google meet rehearsals is critically important. Unless ill, daily participation in our virtual classes is expected for EVERY STUDENT when they are at home.  Additionally, in-person students are REQUIRED to attend the after-school rehearsals associated with their band class.  Now more than ever, these after-school rehearsals are CRITICAL!

Our Music Performance Assessment event will be held here at Spain Park High School on Saturday, March 13.  We will break the event into a series of mini-concerts to allow for social distancing for our students, families and friends.  Each performance will be professionally recorded and submitted digitally for evaluation.  Students will only attend and perform in their assigned concert.  This performance is REQUIRED for all in-person and hybrid students.  There will be alternate assignments created for our full-time virtual students unable to perform in-person at this time.  Here is a draft of the day’s schedule:

3/13 @ SPHS Music Performance Assessment

1 PM: SLT Gym Setup

3 PM: Chamber Winds

4 PM: Symphonic Band

5 PM: Berry MS Band

6 PM: Shades of Blue Jazz Band

Finally, Iron City Studios  has uploaded photos from the fall marching season.  They are available for purchase.  They are FANTASTIC!!!  I hope you will take a look and consider supporting ICS.

Enjoy your weekend!

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