eNote – March 19, 2020

Hi SP Band Family,

Band kids like challenges.

Band kids aren’t afraid to experiment with new ways of learning.

Band kids were made for times like this!

I posted this yesterday on our Facebook page and, boy, do I believe it!  Band kids were made for this!  

No one handles adversity better…no one is better prepared for an ever changing learning environment…no one is more self-disciplined…no one understands the importance of individual accountability like BAND KIDS!

I’ve updated our Instructional Index to include some new important information.  All of the opportunities are optional. It is simply a resource to help facilitate continued learning during a unique time.

  • Online Private Instruction is available.  See the list with contact information
  • The YouTube playlist has been updated to include more material featuring the visual ensembles
  • Resources for potential drum major candidates have been updated.  Stay tuned here, too. I’m hoping to provide some video instruction for this group.
  • More music has been added to the SmartMusic classes.  This is a GREAT resource. So much fun playing new music (the sheet music is provided in the app) with a FULL ENSEMBLE!
  • The Acapella App is a great way to musically collaborate with your friends!

Are you preparing for college musical auditions (instrumental or vocal) and would like some feedback?  Please email me a video and I’m happy to watch and send back some commentary. Keep working, those auditions will be here before you know it!

During this extended time away from school I will continue to communicate via email (cneugent@hoover.k12.al.us), eNotes, our website (www.spainparkband.org), and Remind texts (https://www.remind.com/join/thespband). Typically, I’ll send the same information multiple ways to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date. I try to respond to emails within 24 hours. Remember, I DO NOT have access to the SP Band Room at this time. 

As always, stay safe, stay well, and be wise!  I continue to personally pray for your safety and well-being during this challenging time.

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