eNote – March 31, 2020

Hi SP Band Family,

Duke’s Coach K said “You don’t just be a team. You become a team. Through tough games you find that you need each other.”  Well, this is no game! It’s just tough!! And he’s right, we need each other!!!

As we prepare for school to begin again in earnest next week, my goals for the program are threefold:

  1. Help our Band Family stay connected through music-consuming, music-making, and music-interpreting. Your band time each day should be the HIGHLIGHT.  A chance to REFRESH and RE-ENERGIZE through music! No stress, no fear, no trouble!
  2. Make sure we finish 2020 STRONG, recognizing our out-going SENIORS as the LEADERS and ROCK STARS that they are and celebrating all the AMAZING things that we did during a semester and a half!
  3. Set the table for an INCREDIBLE 2020-21 school year…this is BUMP in our road to GREATNESS!

With those goals in mind, here is some important information…

  • The Band Room will be open Wednesday and Thursday of this week from 9AM-3PM.  CN will be onsite on Wednesday from 9AM-12PM; RA will be onsite on Thursday from 9AM-12PM.  The Band Room will remain open and supervised by other SP faculty during the afternoon hours.  Students are welcome to come, pick up their music, musical instrument, flag, rifle, saber, batons or other personal belongings during these times.  Students will need their musical instrument for band-related activities and assignments. Large instruments like tubas, euphoniums, etc. should be taken home during this extended at-home learning and music-making.  Currently over 70% of you indicated that you need to pick up your instrument.
  • Students, be sure you are signed up for the appropriate Google Classroom.  This is how we’ll share academic activities, class-specific announcements, and assignments.  CLICK HERE for a list of the Classroom Codes.  I’ll reserve eNotes and Remind texts for full-band related information.
  • Clinics and auditions typically held during the spring (visual ensemble, drum major, jazz band, and concert band ensemble placement) will take place in the coming weeks.  Our staff in conjunction with our school administration continues to work on finalizing details as it relates to timing, delivery of instruction and audition format.  In the meantime, start your individual work in preparation and feel free to email me or another staff member a video or audio recording of your work…we would LOVE to provide feedback and help on your way to accomplishing your personal goals!
  • Spring 2020 Section Showdown is on! CLICK HERE TO RECORD YOUR MUSICAL ACTIVITY. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RUNNING TALLY OF TIME. It’s a competition for all our groups (visual and instrumental).  Flutes are winning!
  • Parents and students interested in cleaning your musical instrument during this time of extended at-home learning: 
    • Clean mouthpiece daily.  Dip mouthpiece brush or swab in isopropyl alcohol, and clean thoroughly.  Rinse the mouthpiece brush or swab after each use.
    • Clean instrument weekly.  Dip brass instrument cleaning “snake” in isopropyl alcohol to clean carefully.  Brass instruments can be flushed out easily. Either spray or dip woodwind swab in isopropyl alcohol to clean carefully.  Use a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean keyholes, spit valves, and hinges. Rinse the snake and swab after each use.
    • After any illness, always clean mouthpiece, lead pipe, bocal and instrument.  Throw away any reeds that were used during contagious period or used during an illness.
    • Wipe out all instrument cases monthly.  Every case should be wiped out thoroughly with a cloth or sponge that has been soaked in or sprayed with isopropyl alcohol.  Keep case open to let dry completely.

As always, stay safe, stay well, and be wise!  I continue to personally pray for your safety and well-being during this challenging time.

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