eNote – November 4






November 4, 2019


The next seven days are going to be EXCITING! We have our annual Veterans Concert tomorrow evening.  The schedule is below. We are wearing our marching uniforms for this concert. There is a reception and Jazz Band performance immediately following the event (with SWING DANCING instruction provided by Fred Astaire Dance!).  Please come and bring a friend!


Tuesday, November 5 Veterans Day Concert (ALL INSTRUMENTALISTS)

5:30 PM – Arrive and dress (Marching Band Uniforms)

5:45 PM – Chamber Winds rehearse with Rocky Ridge ES singers

6:00 PM – Doors Open (Symphonic Winds on Stage, Concert Band and Chamber Winds in hallway staging)

6:30 – Concert Begins

7:30 – Reception and Swing Dance with Shades of Blue Jazz Band


Our Veterans Parade performance is next Monday.  The schedule is below. Please be sure to have your kiddo fed BEFORE they arrive.  We are working on a snack for post-parade. We are performing a special Stand-Still performance in front of Regions Park.  Come and check out the National Veterans Day Parade…it’s right in your backyard! Here is a link to the parade map.



10:30 AM – Band Room Open (Students arrive in Spectrum T-shirt, Athletic Shorts, Long Black Socks)

11:00 AM – Parade Walk-Through

11:45 AM – Dress Out

12:15 AM – Load Buses and Depart

12:45 PM – Arrive @ BJCC Staging Area

1:30 PM – Parade Steps Off (SP Band will be performing a “stand-still” in front of Regions Park—a great location for parents and friends to hear us perform!)

3:30 PM – Load buses for departure

4:00 PM – Arrive and Unload

4:15 PM – Dismiss


UNIFORMS (Elaine Ake: 205-585-7548 | perakefam@gmail.com)


We are almost finished with the marching season!  The last washing of the uniforms will be after the Veterans Day parade.  If you can help, please text me.  


FUNDRAISING (Todd Miranda: 205-202-0698 | spbandfr@gmail.com


The next fundraiser, our coupon book fundraiser, starts today, Monday Nov. 4. The coupon book fundraiser will run through the Thanksgiving week and end on Monday, Dec. 2.  So take advantage of the Thanksgiving week to get in a few extra sales to family! If you are interested in participating, please contact me using the information below. Once you have contacted me, I will put together a sales packet for you that will include a sample coupon book. The book included in the sales packet is NOT free. If you would like to keep the coupon book, you must pay for it. Each book is $25. For each 5 coupon books you sell, you will get one free coupon book. You can keep the free coupon book yourself or sell it as well. So if you would like to participate in the coupon book fundraiser, just follow the steps below:


Contact me to let me know you are interested.

I will create a sales packet for you and send it to school for your student to pick up

Sell coupon books, gather the payments, and track your sales using the sales packet form. (coupon books are $25 each)

Turn in your orders along with payments on Monday, December 2. Don’t forget to turn back in the coupon book if you didn’t sell any books.

I will get the coupon books and deliver them to the school for your student to pick up.

You deliver the coupon books.


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