eNote – October 23






October 23, 2019




Please take just a moment to read a special Fall Quarter Recap here…CLICK HERE


Below, you’ll find some very important information regarding several key items.  Only two more weeks of football! Please help us ensure that we have maximum effectiveness by encouraging attendance.  Over the last month we haven’t rehearsed with less than 10 absences per rehearsal and haven’t performed with fewer than 7 absences per performance.  Let’s finish the season STRONG!


VETERANS DAY CONCERT | Tuesday, November 5

Our Veterans Day Concert is only two weeks away!  CLICK HERE FOR THE DETAILS. Check out the weekly schedule for details about rehearsals and concert time.  It is a required performance by all INSTRUMENTAL students.

Help us promote the event by sharing the Event page on your FACEBOOK page (https://www.facebook.com/events/2428328220596449/)

Please invite any of your family and friends who may have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces.  This is a very special concert event!


VETERANS DAY PARADE | Monday, November 11

The Pride of the Park will be featured in the National Veterans Day Parade on Monday, November 11.  It is a required performance for MARCHING BAND students.


FUNDRAISING (Todd Miranda: 205-202-0698 | spbandfr@gmail.com


Reminder that this is the last week for the Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Orders and payment is due next Monday, October 28th. Let me know if you have any questions.



UNIFORMS (Elaine Ake: 205-585-7548 | perakefam@gmail.com)


Thank you for all the help we’ve received before and after the games!  The students would not be ready without you! This week is Uniform washing week – pick up on Friday, return by Thursday.  Some of our volunteers are taking two or three racks, so we really need to spread out the work. Any questions, please call or text Elaine Ake – 205-585-7548



One of our students, Lauren Grace, has organized a special fundraising project to benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.  We are asking every student to donate $20 to the Pink Plume Project. $10 will be used to purchase pink plumes for the instrumental students to wear throughout our Friday night performances in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month).  The remaining $10 will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Additionally, families may use the following link to make special recognitions in honor of friends or family members affected by breast cancer http://bit.ly/PinkPlumeRecognition  We will be collecting $20 (cash or check made out to SPHS) from students throughout the month of September and October.  Please help with this worthy effort. So proud of LG for spearheading this effort!


FINANCE (Kelly Miranda)


I would like to thank everyone who has paid their fair share fees (FSF)! Those funds have been busy feeding and supportIng our students on band/competition days. 


If you haven’t paid your FSF, we need that done immediately! If payment isn’t received soon, expect to receive a phone call from one of the band booster leadership to inquire about payment. 


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