eNote – October 29, 2018


~Weekly Schedule~




See some important notes below from our Band Boosters…




Berry Middle School’s first concert performance of this school year will be at our 6th Annual Spooks in the Park Band Costume Concert and Trunk or Treat on Tuesday, October 30, at 6:30 pm in the Berry Competition Gym.  Students should report to the Gym by 6:00 PM. The Beginning, Symphonic, and Advanced Symphonic Bands will perform a brief concert. The evening will culminate in a Trunk or Treat in the Berry East parking lot. New this year will be the addition of food trucks on site, before the concert and during the Trunk or Treat, which will provide a variety of food options.  We invite you to sign up to be a trunker with us that night – great prizes will be given for the best trunks!

Tickets for the event will be $5 per person and a $20 family maximum. Children 3 and under are free.


Please use the link below:



**Note to Trunkers: Trunk Decorations needs to be completed and in the Berry parking lot by 5:45 pm.  Trunkers will receive two complimentary admissions to the spooks concert.


I anticipate a “Spooky,” fun-filled performance and look forward to seeing you there!



Brian Wilson

Director of Bands



We are kicking off our SaveAround Coupon Book fundraiser soon. I would like to share some information about the fundraiser so that you are better prepared. SaveAround is a coupon book and mobile app that offers hundreds of buy-one-get-one-free discounts, along with many other great discounts!! You will find that the book pays for itself after using it just 2-3 times.

Once the book is shown, it easily sells itself!  The book has the local businesses you actually frequent, and it has coupons with offers you actually use.  If you wish to participate, when you get the sample coupon book, please flip through it to see the great coupons available.

How does it work:

  1. We will let everyone know when the books and order forms are ready for pick up
  2. Once we communicate that the books are available and we are ready to begin, you can contact me or Mr. Neugent to get a sample coupon book and an order form. The students can also pick them up at school and bring them home.
  3. IMPORTANT: The sample coupon book is NOT A FREE sample for you to keep.  It is a presentation copy for demonstration purposes.
  4. If you are ordering 1 or more books, feel free to keep and pay for the sample book. Once the orders have been received, additional books will be sent home to give to those who ordered books.
  5. Please make sure you fill out the order form completely.
  6. We can no longer accept checks at the school. In order to help facilitate anyone wanting to pay by check, we are attempting to work with the school to allow you to pay for the coupon books through My School Fees. This would allow you to accept a personal check made out to you and then pay for the coupon books through My School Fees. More information about payments will be made available in the communication about books and order forms being ready.
  7. The books will cost $25.00. The participating band students will get half of that ($12.50) going toward the band trip.
  8. For every 5 books sold, you will receive 1 free book. That means all $25.00 will go toward the band trip for each 6th book sold!
  9. This is an individual fundraiser. Only those students participating in the fundraiser and selling coupon books will receive any money toward their band trip.


If you have questions, please contact me!


Todd Miranda






Please check your calendar against the signup bit.ly/SHPSband2018 to see if you can help during our last football game at Shades Valley on THURSDAY.


Thanks for your help this week, as well as all season long.


Ginger Hewitt




I would like to get a group to help me cleanup the concession stands.  Please include the following notes:

  1. End of Season Concession Stand Cleanup:  I am looking for volunteers to help do a final cleanup of the concession stands before we lock the doors for the year.  Please look on Signup Genius and grab a slot. We will do a final cleaning and purge remaining items from the stands. This is an important step to finishing out the season and preparing for next year.  We are currently planning to knock this out Saturday morning, November 10th at 10:00AM.  
  1. A very heartfelt thank you to all the parents who so graciously volunteered their time and talents to the concessions this year.  I thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone! What a huge contribution and show of support to your students and our band. It was a lot of hard work for a great cause.  I can’t thank you enough for making it such a huge success!



Kenn Gaddis