eNote – September 12, 2017




September 12, 2017


September At-A-Glance (DRAFT OF OCTOBER)

Click here for an “September At-A-Glance” calendar for the Pride of the Park.


Weekly Schedule

Click here for this week’s schedule.

See an additional note about next week’s performance at the Crimson Cavalcade.  This is a REQUIRED performance for all performing members (instrumental, guard, dance, and majorette).  We will be evaluated by the staff of the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band and see a performance by the MDB at the conclusion of the event!



Message from Cathy Cooper (Greever), Volunteer Coordinator:


Parking!  All volunteers (concessions, hospitality, chaperones, loaders).  If you would like to get a parking pass, you can sign one out in the band room on Thursday.  I have them hanging over the sink on the peg board.  Simply write your name on the clipboard, along with the number on your pass.  Please return your pass at the end of your shift!  Please note that the football boosters may be collecting parking money early this week as this game is a huge source of money for them as well!

Chaperones this week: Please meet me in the band room to sign out your chaperone badge.  I will try to be there by 4pm.  Text me with questions 205.222.6734



Message from Lynn Gurganus, Concessions Coordinator:


Please take note of all of the opportunities to help out for the Hoover Game!  This is a huge collaborative effort that brings in a very large amount of money to our program.  We still need help in many different positions in the concessions stand.  


The Pride of the Park needs your help this Friday night as the Jags take on the Bucs.  Every dollar we make in concessions goes to support and grow the band program.  Quite simply, when we’re understaffed we lose sales.  We have a dozen or so spots still needing to be filled for this Friday night. PLEASE DO YOUR PART, as we are all required to work two slots per family, per season.  If we all contribute, we all only have to do this twice!  


Can you grill? Count money?  Count pickles?  We have a job for you!  Thank you!  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW! Sign up under 2017 Varsity Concessions.


Marching Uniform

Message from Elaine Ake, Marching Uniform Coordinator:


Thank you everyone for all the help we’ve received getting the uniforms ready for each game!  The more people we have the smoother things seem to run.

The students received their first pair of gloves last week, the other pairs are held until later or if your student asks for them.  The gloves are their responsibility.  Many students have yet to pay for their gloves – the cost is $7.00 – for two pairs.  We do have some previously used gloves that are available to students.

At the end of each game we need help to get the uniforms/shako boxes put away.  The students are doing a great job, however there are always a few stragglers and some need help, learning how to hang up their uniform.

Don’t forget the black socks!


Spain Park Spirit Night – Monday, September 18 @ Jimmy Johns

Message from Scott Powell, VP-Fundraising:


When you think of music…how can you not think of Jimmy?  There is Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Buffett, Jimi Thing by Dave Matthews, and Little Jimmy Dickens.  And, don’t forget Jimmy Johns.

How is Jimmy Johns related to music?  I’m glad you asked, because on Monday, September 18th, the Jimmy Johns on Highway 280 by Art’s Music Shop will giving 20% of all receipts in support of the Pride of the Park, the SPHS Band!  How can you help?


  1.       Mark your calendar to come and eat at Jimmy Johns the night of September 18th.
  2.       Share this night with friends and family, through your social media accounts, and encourage others to come as well.
  3.       MOST IMPORTANT:  SAVE YOUR RECEIPT!  I will be there that night, collecting receipts as you purchase your food.  Jimmy Johns uses a new app called Planet Fundraiser, where you actually take a picture of the receipt through the app to receive credit and have it apply toward the 20% donation for the night.  Rather than ask everyone to download the app, set up an account, and upload their own receipts, we feel it will be easiest to just collect them through one person and upload them all that night!

Thank you for your continued support of the SPHS Band!

Scott Powell

SPHS Band Booster Fundraising VP


Field Trip Medication – Drop Off

AB Baggett, Assistant Band Director, will be available to receive field trip medications for the 2017-18 season on Thursday, September 14 between 5:30 and 6:00PM.  ***Because we are holding these medications for the duration of the football season, we are required to have a doctor’s signature for both prescribed and over-the-counter medications***  Click here for the required medication forms and procedures.



Message from Laurie Walls, VP-Finance


If you have not paid your Fair Share Fees, please do so this immediately! Pay online via My School Fees – Public Items or send a check payable to SPHS Band. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.



Laurie Walls




The Pride of the Park will be traveling next Tuesday to perform in the Crimson Cavalcade of Bands in Tuscaloosa, AL.  This is a required performance for all of our performing students (instrumental, guard, dance, and majorette).  We will be traveling by charter bus immediately after school to Northridge HS where we will observe performances by several high school bands and perform for adjudication by the staff of the University of Alabama Million Dollar Band.  The evening concludes with a performance by the MDB!


A detailed schedule is being put together and will be available by the end of this week.  Students will stay on campus after-school, travel by charter bus to Tuscaloosa, AL.  The event begins at 5:55 PM and ends at 9 PM.  I anticipate an arrival time at SP between 10-10:30 PM.