Special eNote for Parents of SENIORS!

Special Senior Recognition

Parents of Seniors…

We continue to make plans to recognize our SENIORS in a special year.  For the past SEVEN years, they have positively contributed to the growth and success of our band programs at Berry and Spain Park.  We don’t won’t this unique situation to hinder our ability to CELEBRATE their achievement. As part of this effort, we are preparing a special Senior Recognition Video.  WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please use the form below to upload up to FIVE pictures of your Senior student that BEST CAPTURE their personality, interests and dreams!  Upload pictures of the highest quality (up to 1 GB each) possible to ensure that the video quality is GREAT!

We need three types of pictures: 1 Baby Picture (REQUIRED), 1 Senior-Year Picture (REQUIRED), and up to 3 additional pictures that best represent them as they grew up!

We will be using these pictures to create a special video that will be shared and viewed at our end of the year celebration when we are able to gather again safely!

WE NEED THESE PICTURES NO LATER THAN April 30 to ensure we have time to pull the video together!