Special eNote – October 7, 2020

Special eNote


October 7, 2020


Good afternoon, SP Band!

This week’s game at Hoover has been RESCHEDULED for THURSDAY!!!  Parent Volunteers, if this change affects your ability to assist us, please log onto the Sign Up Genius to cancel your spot, allowing someone else to fill that hole.

Here is an updated schedule for tomorrow afternoon.

Instrumental students should have their marching uniform (bibbers, marching shirt, band shoes, and garment hanging bag) when they arrive at school tomorrow.  All of their marching uniform stores neatly in this hanging bag and serves as their personal locker for the next 10 days.

SP @ HOOVER (AWAY – Full Band)

3:35 – SP Dismissed, In-person Instrumentalists dress out in Welcome to the Jungle (W2J) shirts, athletic shorts, long black socks | Visual Ensemble dress out in costumes

4:00 – Virtual Learners arrive on campus: Instrumentalists dressed out in Welcome to the Jungle (W2J) shirts, athletic shorts, long black socks | Visual Ensemble dressed out in costumes

4:00 – Load Equipment Trucks

4:30 – Dinner

5:00 – Instrumentalists dress out in FULL MARCHING UNIFORM

5:20 – Uniform Inspection | Load Buses

5:30 – Depart

***Students taking personal transportation should follow behind buses and

enter special parking as part of the SP Band caravan***

6:00 – Arrive at Stadium | Get into seats | Percussion Warm-Up with Hoover Band

7:00 – Kick-Off

9:30 – Load Buses for Return | Students taking personal transportation are responsible for their uniform and equipment upon return to school

10:00 –  Arrive | Hang Marching Uniforms Correctly | Dismiss
Do you have a utility trailer with a ramp that could transport our new stage? The dimensions must be 6′ 10″ x 14′ 3″ or larger. We need a second trailer for our two off-campus performances. 1 this week, 1 next week. If so, email me at cneugent@hoover.k12.al.us