Special Note from Booster President

Wow what a great show our kids performed on Friday night! The smiles on their faces made all their hard work worthwhile. Special thanks to Chris, Richard, and the entire staff for all their hard work in building a great program.
If you were at the game, you probably noticed that we have implemented several changes to accommodate current CDC guidelines. We revamped concessions offerings, chaperone procedures, and band seating arrangements.
The many volunteers we had on Friday night made for a successful first run, and we thank you for stepping up to help. We are always looking to improve so please provide any feedback regarding Friday night to me (chadh155@gmail.com).
However, we were short-handed in the concessions second shift and needed additional loaders to assist loading/unloading the show props. As the saying goes, many hands make for light work, so we look forward to your assistance during our next 4 home games.
Click the link below for opportunities to support the band, including concessions, loaders, chaperones, and hospitality for upcoming events:

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday
Chad Hewitt
Band Booster President