Symphonic Winds…Atlanta, Here we come!

SP Band Family!

The Symphonic Winds are excited about our trip to Atlanta tomorrow. I’ve linked the itinerary, bus list, and rooming list.

A few last minute reminders…

  • Bring your luggage to the band room first thing tomorrow morning
  • Please bring any medications and medications forms to Mrs. Laney in the health room or directly to me
  • Be sure to bring in your $20 for Hard Rock Cafe and complete the pre-order form here…
  • Be sure to pack your formal concert attire (including the appropriate socks, shoes, and accessories!!!!)
  • Be sure to pack “business casual” clothes for Thursday post-concert (no jeans, please)
  • You’ll need cash for two dinners (The Varsity on Wednesday and enroute home on Thursday)

Because we haven’t rehearsed since last Friday and we are not scheduled to meet as a class during the day tomorrow, I’m going to ask you to come to me during JAG period if at all possible.  If you have already arranged to meet with a teacher in preparation for your absence on Thursday, please fulfill that obligation! Otherwise, please plan to meet and rehearse tomorrow during JAG.  I’d like to avoid playing as an ensemble for the first time this week on the performance stage Thursday.

I’m very proud of you guys. To be selected is such an honor.  To have the opportunity to perform in this setting is very exciting.  You’ve prepared well and now it is time to let the greatness inside of each of you shine bright for everyone to hear and see!