Time to Sign Up for BAND!

Hi POTP students and parents,

It’s time! Time to pick The Pride of the Park on your course selection guide!!!

You have recently received your course selection guide for the 2021-2022 school year.  You also received lots of very important information from our counseling department. It is time to begin the process of selecting courses for your time at Spain Park!

When it comes signing up for band, you will find it listed under “ELECTIVES….PERFORMING ARTS.”

All of our Concert/Marching Bands are listed as Marching Band.  Write Marching Band under the heading “Course Name.” Don’t worry about “Course #” or “Credits,” the counselors will complete that information in the computer system on their own. Select “Marching Band” on your Selection Form!

We’d also LOVE to have you sign up for Jazz Band. Any instrumental student, regardless of their primary instrument, are encouraged to participate in our Jazz Band program. We will assist students interested in learning a secondary instrument select an instrument that best suits them. Auditions for band placement will occur later in the spring. Select “Jazz Band” on your Selection Form!

Do you still have questions?  You can email me at cneugent@hoover.k12.al.us or call my office at 439-1428.  I’m happy to help you get signed up!