“It’s easy to play any musical instrument:
all you have to do is touch the right key at the right time and the instrument will play itself.”
― J.S. Bach


Important Message from Bernadette, Fundraising and Trip Coordinator
If you have not signed your child up for the New York City Trip this Fall, there is still time. I spoke with the Travel Agent and she said they will continue to accept new deposits until our quota is met! Send deposit with attached registration form to International Travel- address on top left corner of form.

REMEMBER! DO NOT SEND MONEY IN FOR CHAPERONES/TAGALONGS! Once we get a count of how many students are going, we will see how many chaperones are needed and how much space is left for tagalongs.

If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Bernadette Mullins at

See information below.

Please read through this information very carefully, it has very important information about the Band Trip in November.

Here is the tentative trip itinerary (Itinerary NYC).

If your child is going on the trip, you need to fill out the Spain Park Band Reservation Form, and send a $100.00 non refundable deposit to International Travel – address on the form.  The Deposit is due By MARCH 15, 2014.  You can pay International Travel by credit card for a 3% fee,  Email Margaret Burns : to get a credit form.

DO NOT Pay for Chaperones at this time.  The chaperones will be determined at a later date.

DO NOT send payment in for NON CHAPERONE PARENTS.  We have not determined if we will have room for extras at this time.  We will let you know once we get numbers in.


On Sept. 2, we will send all fundraised money to International Travel (above the 350.00 band fee).  All Band fees (350.00+$180 class fee) must be paid before your child can go on the trip.  Please remember, the $180 class fee cannot be fundraised.   The treasurer will let you know your balance after fundraising so you will have time to send in your balance before the September 15th deadline.

PLEASE NOTE THE PAYMENT SCHEDULE for International Travel (this is based on Quad occupancy, 4 to a room)

March 15-  Deposit of $100.00 is due

April 15- $200.00 Due

May 15- $200.00 Due

June 15- $200.00 Due

July 15- $200.00 Due

August 15-$200.00 Due



If you have any questions about the trip,  contact Bernadette Mullins at